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Radiance hydrolysed marine collagen wild caught fish skin hair nails
Maeraki hydrolysed collagen powder wild caught fish skin hair nails

Radiance - Marine Collagen 8000mg, 240g

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Radiance is a high dosage hydrolysed marine collagen powder with added supercharged ingredients containing Tomato extract, Aloe Vera, Sea Buckthorn and Acerola Berry. Radiance contains 8000mg of low molecular weight hydrolysed marine collagen derived from skin-only wild caught fishes for skin elasticity, hydration and collagen density which are free from heavy metals, toxins and pollutants. Lycopene from pure tomato extract is an antioxidant and is known to prevent skin photodamage. Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Juice improves Vitamin C absorption, increases collagen production and helps to prevent fine lines on skin thus slowing aging signs. All these premium ingredients come together to promote a dazzling and radiating skin. You can rest assure that our product works as our Marine Collagen has been clinically tested and proven to deliver improvements to your hair, skin and nails as early as 4 weeks.

What is Radiance good for:

  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Increase skin hydration
  • Increase collagen density
  • Boost natural collagen production
  • Protecting and repairing skin from UV damage
  • Reduce oxidative stress on cells
  • Improving growth and health of hair and nails
    100% natural gluten free wild caught fish

    Hydrolysed marine collagen (80%), natural flavour, tomato plant extract (lycopene), organic acerola berry, wildcrafted sea buckthorn, aloe vera inner leaf, natural sweetener (stevia extract).

    Contains Fish ingredients.

    Radiance is made in Australia with combination of locally grown and imported ingredients; we do not use maltodextrin in all our products.

    Key ingredients

    Hydrolysed Marine Collagen: There are largely three main types of Collagen (I, II and III) with Type I making up 90% of our body. The body’s collagen production declines with exposure to UV light and age, with our skin producing 1-2% less collagen for each year of age after 30. Our Marine Collagen is a type I collagen and is one of the finest in the world at only 2000 Dalton molecular weight so it is highly bioavailable for the body to absorb. In addition, it is made from skin only wild caught fishes being free from heavy metals, toxins and pollutants. Collagen has been proven to help with skin elasticity, hydration and collagen density to battle aging effects of the skin.

    Lycopene: Naturally derived from tomato fruit extract, lycopene is a carotenoid that gives fruits and vegetables a red color. It is a potent antioxidant and is known to protect your skin from photodamage and prevents oxidative stress to your body.

    Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Juice: Another potent antioxidant, Aloe Vera has unique properties such as increasing Vitamin C and E absorption. Aloe Vera Juice is known to promote skin healing, preventing fine lines on skin and promotes collagen production.

    Sea buckthorn and Acerola Berry: High in Vitamin C, these also contain high amounts of antioxidants including phenolics, flavonoids, anthocyanins and carotenoids to support prevent free radical damage that breakdown collagen. Vitamin C is also necessary for natural collagen production.



    Servings per package: 24

    Serving size: 10g


    Avg qty per serve

    Avg qty per 100g


    141 kj (34 cal)

    1409 kj (341 cal)


    7.5 g

    75.6 g

    Fat, total

    0 g

    <0.1 g


    0 g

    0 g


    1.4 g

    13.6 g


    0.09 g

    0.9 g


    1 mg

    12 mg

    Hydrolysed marine collagen

    8 g

    80 g

    Vitamin C

    120 mg (300% RDI*)

    1200 mg


    20 mg

    200 mg

    *RDI – Recommended Dietary Intake

    Mix 1 scoop (10g) in 200ml of cold water, smoothie, yoghurt or your favourite drink.


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